Monday, June 10, 2019

monday moment: snake!

I am sure many of you have encountered the ringed, articulated black python on your trails. It is one of the largest snakes we see, and Major was quite wary and made sure to keep an eye on it both times we crossed its path. Luckily, it must have recently eaten, as no movement was seen.

the phython sits in wait
and still sits there 3 hours later…

Our usual trails don't have any ringed pythons, just your average venomous snakes (which Major takes no notice of), though this rattlesnake was tiny (but I certainly kept a wide berth as we walked around!)

tiny but fierce!

Keep an eye out, I've heard there are also white line snakes that hunt asphalt roads, and others have reported the python in green!


  1. What a pretty little rattler. So rare to see the head (tail?) of an articulated black python like that. Glad Major was on top of trail safety that day. ;D

    1. The black python is seen often at this particular park, but we're always quite wary…

  2. Ashke has the same disregard for live snakes and the same intense speculation on the black "mamba" pipe snakes.

  3. Eugene is similarly concerned by culvert snakes. Levi would trip on a culvert snake if not steered around them.