Wednesday, March 20, 2019

hairy equinox

Happy equinox! The days only get better from here, but today's 12 hours of daylight and 12 night is such a great turning point.
major grazing, me playing with shedding hair

I've been a little bit stir-crazy. How stir crazy? How about making-shapes-with-hair crazy.

M for majorly hairy

Here's to more sun and less hair, more riding and less rain, and more time to enjoy it all.

gold brown star to the best shedding brush!


  1. Wait - what kind of shedding implement is that? We're swimming in hairs around here too, but of the snowy white variety. Yay daylight! <3

    1. This year my favorite grooming brush has been this cheap Roma Miracle brush, it was like $3! The hair collects quick, but I pick it out with the hoof pick. For heavy-duty shedding I still like my Epona Flower curry, but this new one works better than I thought! (I bought it just because it is all plastic and I can keep it on the pasture fence through all weather for quick touch-ups)