Monday, March 11, 2019


It had been ages since I had ridden Major, our last ride was in January! So of course I lunged him thoroughly, did an arena ride, got right on my crazy arab for a trail ride! He had looked sound (in the round pen) for more than a week and we were just doing a walking ride to see how Major was feeling.

"retired" horse is skeptical
snacks and puddles

The trails are a muddy mess, but the yellow globe in the sky was out (strange and wonderful sight) and the ride was awesome. I sure missed those ears! We kept it mellow, and just walked around the forest for four miles, but he sure seemed fine and game for it! I'll be taking it easy and easing him back, I don't want to stress his abscessed foot or month-vacation fitness level (though I know they keep their fitness for a long time).

I missed those ears

green grass everywhere!

Since I hadn't done much on the ride, I was feeling antsy. And an extra hour of daylight, best holiday ever! So I headed over to Cardiac Hill, near the dam site. I like to make a loop: down the dam road and bypass trail, then up Cardiac Hill and back along the level canal trail. Cardiac Hill is super steep, but yes, up is easier than down! Only .8 miles, but climbing 1000 feet. Partway though the hike the clouds darkened and ominous rumblings were coming from the darkness. Then the hail started, slowly at first, but damn, it hurt! In the distance I could see sheets of rain/hail and the canyon rim turning white from all the hail, but luckily I was just on the edge of it.

moss and lichen line the trail

cool fungus, turkey tail

Under the tree cover there was just a bit of hail getting though, though the trail was as rocky and muddy as I remember. But the green moss and cool fungus and adorable salamanders made it all worthwhile.

California newt is cool

river far below
Back home I had a lot of hail on my deck, and made a hail snowman that even Major would approve (at least the nose!) With extra daylight, clear weather ahead and a healthy horse, I'm hoping to finally start on some spring adventures…

happy hailman

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  1. I love your spring riding photos the most. All that green is just so pretty. And the newt! What a great shot.