Friday, February 8, 2019


10 days of rain.

Poop in Major's salt pan.

nice aim dude.

Grazing in the mud.
Really? Is that the best stuff?

The one day of sunshine and I got off work late, only enough for a walk.
Major: But dinner is being served back home!

Major is weird.
Voluntarily in the puddle with a mouthful of watery grass.

Spring is trying to arrive.
ok, I admit they are cute

Uusally the morning sun streaming in the house only highlights the dust.
love this little planter

The polar vortex in Auburn, CA was 28 degrees and frost. I barely have enough warm clothes.
Nope. But I'll take it before snow!

Did I mention 10 more days of rain?

Winter is coming still here. Time for tea and crafts I think. Warm mashes for Major. Anything you do to stay sane?
spring buds and ominous clouds


  1. Rosemary indoors! That may be the answer to my troubles growing it here.

  2. That second picture... ��
    Lots of times what is hitting you on the other coast is due here in a week or so. In this case I sincerely hope not. Definitely time for crafts and cooking.

  3. That is a MISERABLE forecast.
    I love that planter!