Thursday, February 14, 2019

love is

Taking a long lunch break to eat gourmet meal feed your horse a warm mash and have a pedicure  soak his abscessed foot.

Preparing to hook up the trailer to take miserable horse to the vet in the rain.

Taking horse, now with burst abscess feeling a bit better, for a walk in the pouring rain to eat grass.

only acceptable time to wear a blanket: to eat grass in the rain
Being super happy that your best wardrobe purchase lately is waterproof pants.

Cleaning out his shelter in the sideways rain while he munches alfalfa next to you.

Buying an expensive gortex rain jacket that is now coated in mud, and you don't really care (though it was so pretty and blue for awhile!)

Brushing your horse who is so dirty your entire face becomes coated in a layer which you have to wash off before work and you later find mud underneath your watch.

Planning to do it all again. And not minding at all.


  1. We're recovering from an abscess these days too, brought on by all.the.f*ing.rain. Next week has another very wet forecast so I'm applying prophylactic Keratex treatments.

    1. Damn! Not sure if it’s the rain (he doesn’t have much mud in his pasture) or a stone bruise turned into abscess. Either way: soaking sucks. I haven’t used Keratex, I usually use Hoof Armor but of course slacked off in winter...