Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Disclaimer: Don't attempt this yourself. Really, this is everything that they tell you NOT to do. But no animals or people were harmed in the making of this blogpost, and in fact, the human was much improved. So read at your own caution...

I've been resting since hurting myself, no, not on the horse. If I had a nickle for everyone at work, etc who asked me that question...well, I'd have about 45 cents, but still, it was annoying! No, I got hurt kayaking because lower river=new dangerous rapids. Live and learn luckily!

But it has been boring. I only strained my hamstring, (or something) but damn was walking, bending and even sitting made all the more difficult. Forget riding or hiking with the horse! Major was fine, he got walked by my SO, fed carrots and had the tough life of a pastured horse.

But I would drive up and he kept waiting at the gate to go out. I know that feeling. I was finally better enough to take him for a short walk in the forest. He practically dragged me down the road! Nope, I can't walk quite that fast yet!

We walked (slower) into the forest, feeling pretty good. So good that it sure would be nice to be out a bit farther. Plus, I should test if I can ride, right? With no helmet, bareback, on a horse that hasn't been ridden in two weeks, on a lovely, cool autumn evening…

Sure, why not! The forest had placed a convenient tall rock (because I swear Major gets taller on the trail, and he is hard enough to get on). He didn't bat and eye, and we headed off. Then he stopped dead, and his head went up a bit. Oh no, did I just make the poor decision I thought I did?

our speed did not make this blurry, it was my uncertainty!

Nope, he had just heard some voices. We walked up the moon rock trail and around, he was just happy to be out, and I was too. A little twinge in my leg, but I declare myself improved! Maybe a mile all told. Turning for home he tried a couple trot steps, and I was sure the silliness would commence and I'd be walking home...

my sensible pony!

I circled him with with the leadrope, told him to knock it off, and I think he knew: walk home nicely or walk home behind slow me. OK, so I am certainly not saying my horse is a perfect citizen (far from it) but yes, this is just me being proud that he was so good!

bareback, halter, leadrope: don't try this at home

We made it back to the main trail, and I gt off and walked from there. Major grazed on grass and rock moss on the way home. It was amazing was 20 minutes of horse-time could do. Now, I'm not advocating that others try my ill-advised advice on their less-than-dead-head horses…but if you do, have a great time!

If I am so good why are we stopping here? Dinner is very soon!

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