Wednesday, October 31, 2018

conversations with major: halloween

Ummm, what’s this? 
Oh fun, neighborhood Halloween decorations!

It says CAUTION. 
Now you can read?!
Ummm, no? But now I’m worried. 

It’s ok, let’s check this out over here.
Umm, can I touch this? 
No tasting!
Hmmm, this spider is not a concern.

Can I eat this big orange thing? 
No, it’s their decoration!
What about the little one? They won’t miss the little one… 
Nope, not yours! And not the straw either!

I’m done of this party, I can't eat anything.
Look, there’s a scary skull floating by your head!
Not scary, I’m over it. Halloween is dumb.
But Halloween is my favorite holiday!
Can we go get grass now?

Ackk! Now, this is scary!


  1. Major is so cute!
    I took Persee past those pumpkins last Friday and he ignored them, but on our walk back to the pasture he had a major panic attack over them. Silly horse!