Friday, July 13, 2018

conversations with major: melting

Hi carrot woman!
Hi Major, I only have one carrot here, the rest are down at the barn.
But I'm relaxing in my shade!
No you're not, you were just playing in the trough in the sun, your face is all wet and water has been splashed out.
But it's hot.
Yes, and we're riding anyway.

golden trails, hot in the sun

Can you walk any faster.
I can't, I'm melting.
I'm hot too Major, but it is really not that bad in the shade.
I can't possibly go any faster.
Maybe you actually are too hot? Let's take this trail right here that heads back in the home direction.
Weee, trotting!
OK, you are not too hot. You are a jerk. Let's go to the lake.
Nope, I'm too hot to walk away from home any faster.
What if I get this little stick?
Gee, I can walk faster! 

tiny coyote pup on the trail ahead!
Hold up Major.
Oh good, we're done.
No look, coyote pups!
Dogs, whatever.
Let's go the other way to not scare them.

what's that!
What was that?!
Just quail Major, they're in all the shrubs.
Quail? That sounds scary. With teeth.
No teeth Major, the little pups had bigger teeth.
Those were dogs. These are Quail. Way scarier.
Let's keep going then.

muddy, not safe access

debris and muddy not safe access

There is the lake!
Too squishy, I don't like it.
Damn, it is too squishy, not safe.
But I wanted to play.
I know buddy, maybe the other access.
Lots of sticks here, but I can get through!
Yeah, but it still looks squishy down there too. We'll have to wait a bit longer.
Yes, we can head home.

green, but not tasty, grass (all nutsedge and Johnson grass)

See, that wasn't so bad.
I almost melted.
No you didn't.
I need refreshment.
You didn't work very hard, but a salty mash never hurts.

Hey, stop that!
But I haven't had my mash!
It is right here, get in your pasture! You don't get to eat Justice's.
He gave it to me.
No, you shoved your head under the fence and grabbed it.
Go to your room young man.
Mmmm, my mash! 
Enjoy buddy, stay cool.
I'm cool.


  1. I'm impressed, it has been HOT.

    1. I didn’t think it was so bad, and Major was fine...I ended up with heat rash all over my skins (even without chaps). Guess it was too hot...

  2. Ah, he stole it! Probably worked harder on that day than the one he stole from, so... *shrug*

    1. It was cute, but naughty. It was all the way under the fence, he stretched his head sideways under the fence to grab it. Clever boy. Can’t fault him too much!

  3. I'm so jealous you got to see coyote pups!!

    1. I see them all the time, from little fluffy pups to gawky teenagers. A few years ago there was a tiny, adorable runt one, and last week saw an almost-full grown with the biggest ears (called her Dumbo). They're pretty unafraid in this no hunting area, we all leave each other alone (except for photos!)