Friday, July 27, 2018


Nine years ago today I brought Major home. Too tall, too young, not enough training,  what was I thinking? We’ve had lots of ups and downs: I’ve been scared and brave and everything in between. He’s been naughty and a saint, and everything in between!

Today we adventured out to our favorite local trail, (mostly) not under water anymore. We trotted along the sand, spooked roosting turkey vultures and careened around a few corners (and an obligatory one-rein-stop for silliness). A tree munched my knee, I brushed past innumerable poison oak branches, and came home dirty, sweaty, and smiling. 

Tomorrow we are sweep riding Tevis, following the last riders out of Foresthill to make sure everyone stays safe.

We’ve had a lot of fun adventures. He’s certainly turned out to be a great partner. Most days. I hope to be sharing the trail with my brave, alfalfa-crack loving, annoying, water-splashing silly boy for many more miles.


  1. Happy anniversary! I enjoy reading about your adventures! Please continue to share with us.

  2. Happy anniversary! Here's to many more years of adventures and beautiful photos :)