Friday, March 30, 2018


Now Las Vegas is not a place I normally choose as a destination, but a work trip put me there. And while I marveled (and squinted) at bright lights and crowds, I kept thinking of all the juxtapositions between where I was, and back home.

I'm always up to explore, no matter where I am, especially after sitting in conferences all day (plus, they close the pools at 5pm!)!

dry desert, snowy Sierras
The basic differences are easy to point out, but then it got interesting.

local pool (Folsom Lake, Hi Major!)

water feature
There was lots of walking all over, as I'm not a gambler, though I did lose a bundle ($3) on some epic skee-ball (my absolute favorite). I did come out a winner: I gave my game tickets to a little boy who was just so excited to have them, win for all.

bright colors abound

royal felines

monuments to achievement (rock pile at the top of a big hiking hill)

When I couldn't take the crowds any more, I did find a quiet, dark place to just chill: an aquarium inside a hotel! You can't go wrong with that kind-of shark (not the gambling card kind), and the lionfish giving me a hard stare was epic.

creature feature: lionfish stare, salamander side-eye


But there is beauty to be found everywhere. My parting vista of fluffy clouds over the desert was lovely, but I still think I prefer the furry view between Major's ears.

Vegas Vista
Major view (and hair problems, nice forelock?)


  1. This a wise and very beautiful post! I have often been to Las Vegas and could never made something so beautiful out of it! You have a gift!

    1. Yeah, Las Vegas might not be my favorite place, but it sure makes me appreciate home more!

  2. This is an epic post!! I love this sooo much.

    1. thanks! I think this way about way too many things...crowds of people/herd of horses, etc!

  3. You have such an amazing eye. I love seeing the world through your perspective. <3