Friday, March 16, 2018


The weather is being standard springtime crazy…as is my horse! Rides have been a bit all over the place: adventuring here and there, tshirt or raincoat, no one on trail or a horde of runners, keeping me on my toes for sure!

An incredible blue sky lake afternoon, tshirt and sunscreen, I saw no one in 8 miles.

so sunny and lovely, not for long

The next ride was gray, threatening overcast, and with a 50k race using all the local trails, we ventured out anyway. Major got very good at stepping to the side, or having runners pass (I know runners are supposed to yield, but in a race situation with a well-behaved horse, I certainly don't mind sharing, and conceding, the trail). Finally we split ways with the race, and Avery Pond was serene, the river still and silent.

a moody Avery Pond

yeah, this was epic

Then the sun was out. It was lovely in Auburn, and down across No Hands bridge, where the wind picked up. In the confines of the canyon all was peaceful, but once back on top in the open, the wind almost blew us away! That was the excuse Major (and his buddy Friday) used to try and canter through a slick mud puddle, right after a 1000 foot climb we were sure would tire them out. Guess not! But there was green grass to eat, and posing to be done, so Major was happy.

windy bridge crossing

looking for better grass

nice windy hairdo Major!

a little sun, a little wind, back across No Hands

I fit in a ride as the latest storm rolled in. It was 72 degrees outside, and darker clouds encroached on our trails. Did Major sense that incoming storm, or was he just acting like a normal idiot? I'll go with normal idiot…but it stayed so warm Major actually got hosed off after the ride, first bath in months!

looking towards the dam, a few miles away

having a hard time standing still on lookout/graffiti rock

And now there has been four days of rain, with more to come. But we'll take any water we can, and a rainbow over Major's pasture just reminds me: it's all good.

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