Wednesday, July 13, 2016

detour: Buttes again

It was a good time to retreat. My horse was resting. A rat ate the wires in my car engine. It was too hot and smoky. I was tired of being an adult and dealing with things. Camping time!

We have so many outdoor opportunities here, but I like them to include water. Still lots of options! But back to the Sierra Buttes (last visit was July 2014) for some adventure, and relaxing, and everything in between.

craggy Sierra Buttes view

So there aren't a lot of words. Because pictures more than tell the story.

a book, a log, a creek = perfect

remnant stone wall from flume
But briefly: A nice camping spot along a rushing creek. I was able to just read and relax and decide what to do. A destination hike! Sure, why not a mountain peak fire lookout? Not too far, lots of elevation gain, amazing views. Just the hike was worth it.

Pacific Crest Trail

abundant wildflowers

mule's ear
forever view

are we there yet?

Young American and upper and lower Sardine lakes
insect cuniform

But the destination was fun. The fire lookout seemed precarious, but it was sturdy. And the views to forever, identifying different lakes in the distance, Mt. Lassen, the Sierra distinctive peaks.

almost there!

epic views

back down
alpine phlox

dead tree stands alone

not all trails are lush

Later more hiking (what was I thinking? It was also ugly elevation gain, though short). Kayak on Gold lake, then waterfall hiking. Then a sunset paddle on Salmon lake.

are you kidding?

Tamarack lake (we were at the top of that mountain!)

easy hike to Frazier Falls
kayaking Gold lake

trail bridge to exploring

Fern falls

evening on Salmon lake

Through it all flowers. And campfires, with marshmallows! I left it all behind for awhile, and it was worth it.

columbine, snowplant, mariposa lily

campfire and marshmallows

cottonwood view


  1. Everything looks gorgeous. Roasting marshmallows is my favorite part of camping.

  2. You're making me start to like California: )