Thursday, July 21, 2016


Major is resting. I am definitely not. This week is ramping up to Tevis, so what better way to plan and rest than to...

Go to the fair! The summer isn’t quite complete without a trip to the state fair. There is so much to see: wandering the art show, admiring the paintings and sculptures, the farm area with crops, county exhibits, my brain got pretty full!

art show donkey!
transportation exhibit: power horse
transportation exhibit: a BIT wrong...

transportation: fun auto emblem!
There is very little horse stuff. We tried to watch the evening horse “extravaganza” but it consisted of women in skimpy Disney princess costumes attempting awkward vaulting moves to horrible tinny Disney songs. At least the horses were pretty, but not worth staying for...

this cute goat was very intent on getting dinner!
And I didn’t indulge in too much bad food: but garlic fries and later a cinnamon roll smelled too good to pass up!

The carnival is more fun from above

Then I got the chance to go ride with new friends, Cyd (Bugsy's Adventures) and EK. Horses were offered, we rode through miles of golden grain (with the endurance mini in tow!). I haven't ridden really any horse other than Major in years! And am not that brave. But I rode the lovely Amir until he got too silly (super bouncy horse + unfamiliar saddle + less than brave rider = horse switch!). Then I rode the very round Apache, who was a very good boy, especially because he was a bit tired by then! I appreciated the new experience and offer from these new friends, met through this blog!

view from Amir

me on Amir! photo by E.K.

me on Apache! photo by E.K.

Now for finishing the Tevis planning. I’ll be getting all the final gear from my rider on today. I have made up a crew binder with instructions (though with Tevis best laid plans...). My rider is a bit different than the rest: she’ll be on a mule! Keep a look out for rider #169, Eve Blumenfeld, and Ears Looking At You!

handsome Ears. photo by E.B.

fun making Tevis mule art

It's been a long week already, and now Tevis to finish it off. Staying up for 24 hours, driving all over hauling feed and buckets and helping picky horses and riders. But such a fun adventure to help with. Every rider with a dream. I love the trail, and have ridden almost all of it in sections, but don’t have my own Tevis dreams (I’m just not that competitive!). I am happy to support all those riders with big dreams, through those canyons on the 100-mile journey to the endurance capital of the world.

Tevis moon over the American River canyon


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    1. Yeah! There are only two mules out of 170+ entries, it's fun to root for the under-represented (mustang, TWH, Connemara too!)

  2. Go Mule! Fun riding with you, thanks for coming out. Maybe run into at the weekend :)