Saturday, June 11, 2016

trail by numbers

In two rides, the trail by numbers:

paint by number trail: Foresthill bridge and river view

3 rattlesnakes
2 oblivious deer
plethora of lizards
6 bridges
4 horses
2 boats
1 jet ski
8 serious runners
1 baying hound
1 wet retriever
1 baby in a cowboy hat
1 stupid person with a stroller

lots of rocks
even more poison oak
6 creeks
2 rivers
1 lake
1 waterfall
many polite hikers and runners

3429 elevation climb
22.8 miles of trail
4 boots
2 ignored troughs
1 flake of alfalfa
15 miles in truck and trailer

1 happy horse
1 happy rider


  1. I read "2 ignored thoughts" and thought what a great idea to hide such a thing between data, but troughts, ok. Sometimes foreign language has surprises.

  2. Love that photo editing! 15-miles to get there is great! Wish I was that close :-)

    1. It's actually 15 miles round trip, I'm very lucky! I think we need an endurance paint-by-number kit of different rides, to keep us from getting bored in the winter!