Friday, June 3, 2016

106 degrees

How to ride in stupid hot temperatures:

Start early. Tack up so quickly you forget to take pictures. Birds and cicadas provide soundtrack. But on the trail the early morning sun is already warm.

Ignore the water trough at 5 miles. Don't worry, we'll be back through. 

Keep moving, you create your own breeze. Watch for giant spider webs across trail. Fail and ride right through beautiful orb web with face. 

Charge into the lake. And stand around, enjoying the cool, lapping water and horse snorkeling. Until horse tries to go too deep. Back to shore!

Ride back by the nice trough. Nope. Not drinking. It's now 88 degrees. 

The exposed sunny trail is already too hot. But it's the way home, so keep moving!

Wear new tights. These new ones might be cooler than black? Not so much, but I like them!

Be done way before lunch. 11am: 92 degrees. 

Hose the horse. No photos as phone has already almost lost its life in the lake. Will stay away from water right now (thankyouverymuch).

Provide wonderful carrot popsicle. Have skeptical horse nose it then ignore to go eat grass. 

Go home, take a cold shower and read book in no air conditioning house. Just don't move much, you'll stay cooler. Wish for a popsicle. But maybe orange flavor, not carrot. 


  1. Horses that play in water are the best.

    It's only in the 70s here but it's so humid I cannot do anything outside (though I try). Even J admitted walking to the car was more like swimming to the car. We got our AC unit down and turned it on for the first time. Mosquitoes are bouncing along our house windows trying to get in, and Mag got bitten by the first horse fly of the year - in JUNE!!! Yesterday 50 *more* people were hit by lightning. I have to get out of here.

    1. We're lucky to have very little humidity here, it is so yucky to deal with. Scary weather over there, I've been reading about those terrible lightning strikes. Stay inside for sure!

  2. Too much hot. Too much for me. Nice trails though.

    1. Ride early or late...or not at all! 95-100 is our standard summer day, it's a little early for 106!

  3. Just can't do the heat - even with the water - the pictures "look" hot! :-)

    1. It is hot. But most of the summer is over 100, so just get out early (unless you're training for Tevis, then you have to get out in the heat of the day, yuck!)