Friday, March 11, 2016


March came in like a lion. And isn't leaving anytime soon. The rain is coming down in buckets (though nothing like the Southern US). The trail along the lake is totally underwater now, and they're releasing water from the lake to make room for the 26,000 cubic feet per second now pouring in. Really March? A bit extreme, don't you think? But we need the rain, so I'll dig another trench in the slick mud and wait for sunnier days.

sleeping under his tree on a recent sunnier day (photo by my friend S)

life is hard in my pasture

Major is impatiently waiting too. Hiding under his shelter so he doesn't melt. And he is resting too, per vet instructions. His fat leg from last week was still swollen after three days of soak/ice/poultice/wrap (I am now better at wrapping, but I truly hate it). I think the weather contributed to my growing anxiety, which began with thinking "probably an abscess" and escalated into "tore his suspensory and will never ride again."

leg wrapped, but blurry: it's dinnertime, can't stop!

So I called the vet to bring him in for an appointment, though not quite a lameness check, since he didn't appear lame. When I went to check Major, all swelling was gone. Of course. But I kept the vet appointment anyway. And Major was so excited to go somewhere he leaped in the trailer. Sorry, buddy!

The vet looked him over, poked and prodded. When I saw Major squirm I worried, but the vet checked the other leg and got the same reaction: he was just squirmy, but not hurt. I trotted him out on the hard ground, and the vet could see a little hesitation. Just a tiny bit. Not enough to raise big flags for the vet, who was very nice and assured me that my conservative protocol was just fine. That some more rest will probably be enough. But there is always the word, probably.

We also tormented Major with his vaccines, very few as he continues to react badly. Major thought the worst part of his day was standing tied to the trailer and actually getting rained on. I knew he'd have a fit so I put him in the trailer before he got too wet.

So Major is resting, and if there is no improvement I can take him back in. But I'm a bit less anxious about the whole thing, as his leg continues to look fine, and the rain continues to come down (forcing him to rest). I'm a bit tired of all these extreme swings in weather and mood, so a rainy weekend inside sounds like a perfect plan. Major probably wishes he was inside too, but would prefer his own personal Bedouin tent!

how Major thinks life SHOULD be, complete with bale of alfalfa


  1. Keeping fingers crossed that whatever is going on with his leg is minor, and the enforced rest is all he needs.

    1. thanks. Neither he or I are very good at resting, but we're working on it!

  2. *LOL* that last photo, with the alfalfa! You love that horse so much.

    Did you see that article about California kids? I had to copy and paste the one about the weather, "There are places on earth where the weather is very, very bad, for a very, very long time, regularly." That's Germany. Or, Seattle, if you're from CA!: )

    My prayer for 2016 is that we have a period of time where the mud dries up.

    1. oh, too funny, yes, we're total weather wimps about rain. But come summer, when it is 95 degrees for months, I think the other part of the world would complain about that!

      We have some mud right now, luckily the soil drains really well where Major lives. But at this point the ground is saturated, so just running into creeks and rivers, rising exponentially. But NOT complaining about the filling reservoirs!

  3. I love the picture of your horse in the Bedouin tent, how did you do it ??

    1. Gee thanks, but it's just cheesy Photoshop work! My real job as a graphic designer gives me some skills to do silly photo stuff!