Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Instigator: Who me, Friday? And Major? Nope, not us. We did not just come skidding down the rain-soaked leaf-covered slippery hill. Totally some other horses. Got a carrot?

Double Trouble: What? Yes, I like being this dirty, got a problem with that? You're going to take us on a walk anyway? I guess you're not so bad. Got a carrot?

On the catwalk: We're too sexy for our pastures…

And we're posing: This time get our good sides…

Fences won't keep us apart: We're in our separate pastures, but still we can be together. Buddy love!


  1. When my guys like that I say: 'Dirty but happy!' And during the week I often have to decide 20 minutes running or 20 minutes cleaning, easy decision for all of us!

  2. It's a beautiful bro-mance!