Friday, February 26, 2016

leap day 2016

Leap day is special. Once every four years, rebalancing the calendar, ourselves. When are we ever given an extra day? Take full advantage!

Four years ago I wrote an explanatory post about why I like Leap Day so much, but that year I couldn't ride, it was raining. This year I was all set to ride...and showed up to find Major with a fat leg. No heat, no tenderness, not lame. I'll keep an eye on it, but I'd guess brewing abscess. Damn. 

Know what? That's ok. Even on Leap Day. Because Major ate grass and got a spa day, and then shiny and happy went back in his pasture with carrots. I went to Tractor Supply, then got a disgustingly awesome blue slurpee at the gas station, played with a new craft, did some gardening, and did nothing I was expected to.

I still think I said it correctly in the 2012 leap day post: Take a leap while you can, you never know what comes next.


  1. After reading your post I wished I had given more attention to the leap day. You are so right!

    1. You have four years to decide what to do NEXT Leap day!

  2. Love it! Had a great leap day with the horses myself