Tuesday, January 19, 2016


House-itosis: a term coined by my friend to describe that trapped feeling that occurs during stretches of too much rain/too much inside time. I am very susceptible to this anxious syndrome.

This time I had a full-on attack, brought on by multiple days of rain and two days of the anxiety-ridden, wild mood swings of playoff football.

For me, this syndrome cannot be cured by just being out of the house (like going to stores/shopping, which I hate all forms of anyway.) My only solution is to be outside. Major got walked in a light rain one day, but he does not like the more serious rain. So I let him be (with extra hay) and venture out sans horse.

But not on my usual trails. In suburbia. This is a once rural area slowly being eaten by the city outskirts. But on this rainy day there was no one else out to share the trail.

along Dry Creek

some horses have a nice area along the trail

big bridge for a small creek (it gets flooded later in the year)

The creek is paralleled by a horse trail, and a paved bike trail. Golf courses and a soccer field facility take up either side in a sometimes narrow corridor. But it's there, and that means exploring.

trail down to the creek

little hands don't mind the rain: little raccoon robber prints
pretty trail

someone has been out riding!

The horse trail is meant to cross the creek, and not the bridge. But that would not be safe this time of year, the water is quite deep. So everyone would share the bridge and a few horses have been out. But not many, which is good, since that can quickly turn these trails into muddy bogs.

two buttons, one high so riders can cross. Cool!

tree giving you the evil eye

Across the creek is a golf course. One golfer had a very errant ball, shanked to the other side of the creek on a sandbar! And some creekside profanity just about explains my mood in all this rain.


classy sandy profanity. Maybe it was the golfer!

sea of green Miner's lettuce (full of vitamin C!)

winter oak

My house-itosis abated for awhile, though you know the only true cure…which the next day provided, clear and blue. For a few hours there was sun and warm and horse ears in front of me, then another storm rolled in, and it is pouting again. But I'll take it.


  1. So much of our open space is disappearing into houses and buildings. ... makes me so sad. Pretty walk. Thanks for sharing.

    1. This area does seems similar to some of the trails you've shown where you ride. I prefer the much more wild trails I usually explore, but I am glad they're saving a little bit of trail as the city expands.

    2. Your trail to the lake is breathtaking!! I love seeing it from between Major's ears.

    3. I love your trail to the lake. I love seeing it from between Major's ears!!