Friday, January 15, 2016

detour: land and ocean

I am grateful for the rain. Really. But the trails are now slippery morasses of mud. There are a few well-draining paths, and Major and I have gone out a few times, but now is not the time for training. He can stay tucked into his shelter, full of hay. It is time to escape to the coast. The sea is calling.

The drive is a bit long, but the lonely coast is worth it. The dark, redwood highway ends and explodes in sunlight as the ocean comes into view.

redwood highway blur

first view of the sea

old railroad bridge

view through tafoni rock

And what a view! You never know what the weather will bring. The rain had blown away, the sun was out. Take advantage now, we'll see what tomorrow brings.

Rain. But not too hard. Plus, on vacation you explore anyway. The paths in the redwood forest are the opposite of the ones at home: well draining, spongy lovely, perfect to hike. Out to a lovely waterfall, through the Ewok forest, past deadly mushrooms (maybe?) and a hidden horse camp!

Ewok forest

cushioned trail

golden fern

tiny mushrooms

redwood bridge

mario brothers mushrooms

really nice horse camp

The rain has paled to damp sky, and a minus tide exposes the water-loving denizens of the tidepools. I explore until the rain increases and it is almost too dark to hike back.

overcast tidepools

colorful anemone

sea weeds

starfish waving

herd (?) of mussels

walking at dusk

The next day again the weather changes. Blue skies and a dangerously high tide keeps us off of the sand, watching huge waves roll in and cover the state park road. Churning waves are deadly, though I do see a seal pop up looking, then diving again for dinner.

clearing skies, big waves

churning seas

And it is time to slowly make our way home. But a bit refreshed. And ready to handle the rain and mud again. For awhile...


  1. Hello from a blog lurker! Glad you enjoyed your trip to my neck of the woods! Anytime you feel like Major could use a coastal adventure feel free to get in touch, we have tons of great riding trails out here :)

    1. Hello! Good to know someone in the area, I've done so much hiking there, adding in Major would be great fun!

  2. I recognize my old home of Fort Bragg !! I lived there for 25 years, but am now living in SO Cal. Thanks for the post.

    1. It's my favorite on the north coast, I've been visiting for so many years, but I love how it's still a small unpretentious town. Glad to show you the old home!