Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday the 13th

There is no better day to banish riding demons than Friday the 13th.

I asked C and her horse Friday (how appropriate!) to come riding with me at Cronan ranch. Completely unintentionally it was Friday the 13th. Completely intentionally it was to take C back to the scene of our worst misadventure and to have a completely uneventful adventure. (Read our misadventure here, or in summary: both horses bolted when pterodactyls, I mean paragliders, appeared. C fell and was hurt, it was really scary.)

Uneventful adventure mission accomplished!  Beautiful blue skies, sparkly water, non-dusty trails, pretty  views and mostly behaved horses. And no scary pterodactyls in sight! Sometimes a nice, boring ride is just what you need. 

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