Saturday, November 7, 2015

chasing fall colors

On our home trails, there aren't the epic fall colors that some other riders get to see every year. We have a few trees that change, but most are evergreen pine and oak, we're only able to find a few colorful elements out there, some a bit unusual.

red toyon along the trail

green oaks hugging

black, burned trail

pink fire retardant

blue suspicious dumpsters

black-and-white annoyed at the shenanigans of one unnamed bay

bay on a good hair day

But I wanted to see some color myself, so my SO and I took a hike to Marlette Lake in Nevada. The only time I'd been to the lake was my ill-fated Tahoe Rim endurance ride, where we were pulled at the lake. But this hike was great. There are two parallel trails, one more for bike riders, the other for hikers, which was more scenic. And I found all the colors I was looking for, and more.

golden thistle

aspen says what?

glorious trees, and beaver-felled trunks along the shore

blue Marlette scene

Relaxing alongside the lake, a furry shape swam by, a beaver! How fun! Following it along the shore, he was on a mision. He clambered out of the water, into a stand of trees. Rustling and crashing ensued, as he finished chopping down another aspen. More rustling sounds, then he emerged dragging his selcted stick, crossed the beach, and dove into the water, swimming down to reinforce his home. It was the best nature show ever!

dragging my stick

got my best stick here

now I have a bigger stick!

So I got my fall color fix, did a great hike, and saw an unusual creature. Chasing fall colors is a good adventure.

C aspen?

the yellow road

water meets trees
rock stacks in Lake Tahoe


  1. I've only seen a beaver stick its head out of the water, I've never seen one on shore! How incredible!!! I have this Keep Tahoe Blue sticker that Funder sent me but I'm at a loss about where to stick it. I want it to have a chance to be semi-permanent. I'll keep looking.

  2. The beaver pictures are incredible, and yes you can see 'his mission' in his eyes. Here in Germany we don't have much red color in autumn, has something to do with the ice age, but now the brown color takes more and more over.