Monday, July 6, 2015

small town holiday

low water at the South Yuba river

A 100 degree holiday calls for water. But to make it really worthwhile, you gotta hike to it.

Down the canyon (only about 1.5 miles) to Illinois Crossing. Hard to believe this hard-to-access canyon used to be a main crossing, with a toll bridge, during the gold rush. The bridge was destroyed by a water event (flooding, maybe from upstream placer mining?) in 1861. I did not see any evidence of its existence, nature erasing all human activity.  There were however two new age gold miners, using the same old tools of bucket, shovel and pan. 150 years of similarity.

down to Illinois Crossing

a trickle of Kennebec creek

A sluggy buddy takes a drink

ferns fight for life in the rock

The South Yuba river is a warm trickle, but some spots are deep enough for hidden swimming holes. Relax and read, or stack rocks for hours without interruption. My kind of holiday.

taking a dip

balancing act

But eventually it is time to get back into town. Can't miss the parade! Well, if you blink too long you might. The parade route is about a mile long, with people scattered about our section. It was 95 in the shade, children were crying, adults were whining (maybe that was just me), but then came the fire trucks!
Sirens blaring, horns honking, weaving across the road. Impressive. I liked the big yellow one!

Then come random cool old cars with various local people of importance: parade marshall, congressional politician, beauty queens from tiny tots to mature women, all in tiaras, waving slowly, makeup melting in the heat.


Next are some random groups: I liked that the Obama's made a local appearance on the Democrats float! Balanced by the Tea Party truck and State of Jefferson truck. Oh, the politics of the 4th!

see the Obama's in the back of the truck!

Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, a small boy driving a tractor while another small (but loud!) boy yelled through a megaphone about something. The local Lions club drives a motorhome though too.


But then come riding horses! Prancing down the street, glorious shiny beasts. This impressive charro group also rode the Christmas parade.
carrying the flags
this horse was huge!

that tail!

Two cute girls ride by on an unflappable bay and chestnut, while their mothers push the manure cart. And a cart is pulled by matching grays (shires?) then another group of four riders with random horses with sparkly painted hooves.


After that a few more trucks for other local businesses, more cool old cars, and the whole parade is done. The half hour of local patriotism heads for the fairground for more festivities.

We headed to the local taqueria for yummy food. If you're in town for Tevis, I recommend it, right in upper downtown. With a horseshoe for a name and logo, can't go too wrong.


We watched the fireworks from the horse staging area, where in three weeks Tevis finishers will come up to the large trough in the dark, knowing they are out of the last canyon, mere feet to go. This night was louder and brighter, with fireworks exploding once darkness set in, multi-colored rockets lighting the night.


In three weeks it will be quieter. The fairgrounds will have a much smaller crowd cheering on the horse and rider teams as they cross the finish line. But for the riders it will be a worthy celebration.

jupiter and venus together

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