Friday, July 31, 2015


Call it luck, or fortune, or hard work and dedication. Call it chance, or love, determination or just stubbornness. They all apply.

Six years ago: I was lucky enough to find this gorgeous, talented, ridiculous horse. He has reminded me of the meaning of all those words (and more, including a few four letter ones). Thank you Major!

Major poser

I'm too sexy for my saddle

not me, I don't know how the water tipped over!

oh, you wanted a photo? What cha' got?

50 years ago: My amazing parents were married. They taught me first about love and fun and hard work. All of which I draw on for endurance. We'll be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend.

This year: I will be missing all the Tevis activities: watching the horses trot through Foresthill, cheering on my friends, the quiet stadium erupting in cheers as horse and rider pass under the final banner. I hope everyone has a safe journey and I wish them all luck.

But I'm the luckiest.


  1. Wishing a very special anniversary to your folks.
    They must be some pretty special people to have turned out a gem like you! 8-)

  2. My parents were also eternal lovers. Unfortunately my father died 9 years ago. Because of their melted partnership it took me quite a long time to figure out how my own version of love is possible. They were too good, but finally I found it :-) And it's a different one, but the melting topic is important! Your Major is so gorgeous, he looks dominat, is he?

    1. Sorry about your dad, I am very lucky they are happy and healthy. Yes, having such amazing role models is both great and hard. I'm glad you found a great partnership too!

      Major is not dominant, he is a big puppy dog. He likes to look fancy and pretend he is a dragon, but with people he is easily told what to do (except when he wants to go fast, then he thinks he is right). He likes to boss other horses around, but more to just play!

  3. Congrats to your parents ! Major is just too much of a hunk for his own good! Lots of things about him remind me of Otto.. his latest trick is training himself to the hose.. I will have to try to post a video of that to my blog!

  4. I love the pictures of your parents!!

    If you know of anyone who is looking for a gorgeous horse (6 year old palomino Morgan gelding currently in Ohio) with unlimited potential for free, please contact me at 4shoesfarm @

  5. Hope they had a lovely anniversary, and LOL at Major as ever