Wednesday, March 12, 2014


It's what it all boils down to with our horses. Trust. Do we trust them to make decisions? Do they trust us enough to listen?

Last night the wind was gusting 25-40 mph. But I didn't really question riding into the forest with Major and C and Friday. For multiple reasons, but mainly, trust.

Our horses listen when needed. They are not unnecessarily spooky. We know we can always hand-walk them home. But even when the wind crazily whipped up a ridge and make a huge oak come to life (like Harry Potter's whomping willow C exclaimed) and the horses jumped, we were all ok. They came back and listened to us.

Every relationship has different levels of this. And it grows or minimizes every ride. It is everything from lowering a head for a halter, to mounting safely, galloping cross county to a beautiful dressage test. You can betray this trust pretty easily, but so can the horse. It all takes wok. It all takes time. And it is all worth it.

Even when Major is being a rushing idiot, I still trust him. I might have to let him run his heart out at a level I don't think I can ride, but in the end, he WILL listen. Sometimes it just takes more time than others. And more bravery. And I'll be a better rider, and horse owner, for it.

This weekend we are going to do a long ride to Poverty Bar, the Tevis river crossing. While I don't have Tevis dreams, I still think crossing that lowered river in the dark would be awesome. And I'd trust my horse to do it.


  1. Nice post! :D

    Lacking trust got me a broken arm last fall.

    While I couldn't ride, I've worked on rebuilding it from the ground. It's amazing how important the little things really are. The level of cooperation skyrockets when I stay in the zone, pay attention and am respectful of my boy.

    1. It is such a partnership. Your arm was such a bad situation, but I'm glad something good is coming from that. People really overlook ground work, but it's the foundation (sorry for that bad play on words!)

  2. I was thinking about this too with the high winds the last few days! I definitely don't handle my filly in high winds or storms more than necessary because it's just a losing battle, but I think she'll grow up some..her mom is dramatic and snorty in windy/storms but not unreasonable. I don't hesitate to ride out on either of my geldings in any weather, they may be snorty but they are good reliable fellows and will respond to a sharp word when necessary ;)