Thursday, March 27, 2014

detour: New Orleans

I took a slight detour last week, about 2,000 miles east to New Orleans!

While this was a work trip to attend an actually useful conference, evenings were free to wander. The hotel was walking distance to the French Quarter, which was overwhelming and awesome and old and fun. We didn't get much beyond that area, I definitely put this city on the list of places that need further exploration.

The history was fascinating, especially coming from one of the youngest states.There is stuff there from before 1800! Cool. I'll let far too many pictures tell the rest of the story.

truly wide Mississippi. Wow that's a lot of water.

historic building, awesome oak, just grand.

Jackson Square, St. Louis Cathedral, overwhelmed by pretty

St. Louis Cathedral

just one of the cool old buildings

they named this original governor of New Orleans, but not his horse!

This is Aretha Franklin. She is a 32-year-old working mule.

She happily pulled our cart around, she had an awesome walk on her! Wasn't even sweaty after the half hour. She seemed content and sure knew her job.

Some may think this is awe-inspiring. I personally thought it was pretty creepy.

this poor horse hitch has seen a lot on Bourbon Street
old cemetery, new buildings looming in the background

crypts, their inhabitants forgotten, identifiers broken or faded away
(unreadable)...Oliver (unreadable)...who died in the defence of the city of New Orleans, in the battle with the British army, December 23, 1814.

and nature slowly gains a foothold

a fleur de lis fence guards a broken child's monument

headless angel peers out over her domain
same building and sign, someone having a little fun, choose what you like?

alligator heads. yuck. Farm raised but still. yuck.
Louisiana Supreme Court, an imposing edifice

this kitty had a hard night, sleeping it off in the window

lunch on a balcony, just taking in the city
mmm, beignets. More please (though I'll skip the coffee next time)

overlooking the river bend and the city

sunset on the way home

tell me, don't you now totally want to touch this!

Simply: Bourbon Street is totally not my thing, but wild even during the middle of week (drunk businessmen in suits anyone?). Good food. Gorgeous cemeteries, all those people, many sadly unremembered. Loved the architecture, all the French and Spanish influence creating a new culture. And in the end, beignets were worth the whole trip. Yum.


  1. Isn't NOLA fantastic? I really do miss being able to take a long weekend and visit. The architecture is amazing. Glad you got over to Cafe du Monde! And the river! You got to see the Big Muddy!

    Still breaks my heart to think about Katrina, though. Such a compounded tragedy.

    1. A great city. I hadn't expected to like it so much. That is one big river!

      I was torn about the Katrina stuff. While it would be interesting to see the areas of devastation and (some) rebuilding, I don't want to find entertainment in someone's tragedy, or to have some tour guide make money off of that.

      Sacramento is also protected by levees, they say it could be a Katrina-style event if we have levee breaches. Scary.

  2. My most favorite city in the states. :D

    Thumbs down on Bourbon St for sure - too many obnoxious drunk tourists. There are more interesting parts of town. (Garden District and Treme)

    Also heartbroken at what happened there after Katrina...

    1. I'd love to explore more another visit, damn work got in the way!

      While visiting and looking around (flying over, driving through, walking) Katrina was always in the back of my mind. The how, the why. Tragic indeed.

  3. Wow, very cool! Thanks for the tour

  4. Great photos, they make me want to go there! My parents used to go and they would bring me back Beignet mix from Café Du Monde, yummmmm!

  5. Loved this tour! You always take such wonderful photos. I kind of want a Beignet now... :)