Wednesday, June 19, 2013


As ready as I can be for Wild West. Trailer is packed. Horse looks ready (though we haven't done much training lately, he should be maintaining fitness, right...?!). Boots are glued...

Yes, I attempted to glue on boots. I managed to take exactly one photo before I started. After that things were a little sticky. Literally. There was epoxy, rubber gloves, paper towels, rags, sandpaper and tools all in one sticky mess. But they're on. Will they stay on with a rookie installation? I'll see (and carry back up strap-on boots!)

I am going to just chill, and eat, and try not to worry. I do not HAVE to do anything. I would LIKE to do two 50s. I am entered for both days on these familiar trails. Tack has been working. I will try to remember to take it minute by minute. And eat.

I have every snack I have ever liked. And some I don't. Then more on top of that. Major has good snacks too, including crack alfalfa, some sweet feed topper, and many many apples and carrots. He got one apple early. Love apple face!

I could laugh or stress. I'm going to try laughing, as my fingers are still sticking to the keyboard...


  1. You two are going to do GREAT!!!! Wish I was going, lots of friends are headed to the ride. Have an excellent time and remember to ENJOY! :)

  2. Have fun you two! Can't wait to read all about it. :D

  3. How exciting! You will do great. Stay safe,have fun and ride your own ride!

  4. Glue on boots? That sounds like a mess waiting to happen for anyone!

  5. I think if your boots don't fail*, you're going to do GREAT. Eat, drink, breathe! Yes, he's maintained fitness, I promise!

    Take pics when you can and tell us all about it!

    *i don't know anything about that except "steep learning curve" ;)