Saturday, June 8, 2013


103 yesterday. 105 today. I was going to try and fit in a ride before it got hot. At 7am it felt warm, I knew by the time my ride was over it would be 90+.

So instead Major got a popsicle. Of carrots. Yes he is spoiled and I am ridiculous.

When I got to the stable he came trotting up to the gate. And he was wet! From the sprinkler! You may not understand the momentousness of this occasion. Major does everything to keep from getting wet, including trotting away when the sprinkler comes, staying under his shelter in the slightest drizzle and dancing on the wash rack. (Of course none of that on the trail.)

Maybe he figured out that cooling off wasn't so bad! I'd intended to hose him down, but since he was wet we just went for a quick walk.

Where he discovered delicious grass under the tree. And then that the tree is full of yellow plums. He ate a few, and he does spit out the pit, but I don't think they're good for him (must research.)

Then I put him away, and gave him his carrot-sicle. It was a hit!

The weather is going to cool down, but this is just a quick preview of summer.

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