Monday, March 25, 2013

conversations with major: high alert

Just a walk today.
Yesterday was fun.
I know, you had a bit too much fun.
I got to run!
Yes, let's just walk today.
Look, something is next door. I see it!
Sure, you still have to come.

Up this hill.
Why are you so slow? Let's go!
It's steep and it's hard for my out-of-shape self. You complain, you go in front, I'll tail you up this hill.
OK! Mmm, grass.
No, walk on.
Walk, walk, walk, mmm, grass.
No stopping.
Walk walk walk, more grass.
OK, forget it.

This way.
No Major, we're not heading home yet.
This way.
Get over here.
You know, you're going the wrong way.

Mmm, snacks!
No, don't eat the poison oak!
You ruin all my fun.

Alert! Something is up there!
Yes, it's a truck.
Something! I see it! And hear it.
Again, just a truck, keep walking.
Hey look, it's a truck!

Why are we stopping up here?
Beginners hill is HARD to climb, I need a rest.
I know, that is why I need to stop too when I am climbing up it.
No, you don't, it's pretty easy for you.
But I can snack here, right? At the top.
Go ahead.

Back down the other side.
Going home, going home dance.
No, just walk.
Let's go over here and try to eat…
No, let's get a bit father before another snack.

Alert! Something up there!
Yeah, I see some people on the trail.
Something! People!
Yes Major.
We see people all the time. Keep walking and maybe we'll catch up to them.

Alert! Spotted dragon ahead!
It's an appaloosa.
Spotted dragon in the trees!
No, it's a horse.
Hey look, a horse. And people.
Yeah, Let's not make them nervous by standing here where they can't see us!
Let's go see them!

And we're almost back.
One more bite? 
You've been saying that all along.

Something is back there!
Yes, it's the people and horse we just passed. Remember?
Hey, it's the horse we just passed! Whatever, it's not that interesting.
I know, lets go home.

One more bite here. This is the best stuff.
I agree that it looks like the best.
Nom, nom, nom.
OK, time to go,
I can't walk with my mouth full.
Is that why I still can't teach you to grab bites as we go along?
Yes, I'm a gentlemen. We don't walk with our mouths full.
Umm, thats TALK with your mouth full.
No it's not, not for horses.

Dinner is waiting, back into your pasture.
Alert! My dinner is ready! Open, open, open the gate!
You have to wait and behave, then I'll open the gate.
Behaving is SO hard. Standing still, standing still...
Good boy, here you go.

Dinner! Run, get to the chopper!


  1. You have such pretty places to ride.

    Val would be tearing my arm out of the socket to get to that grass!

    1. Major certainly tries to dive for grass! My arm is longer after these walks!

  2. green, lush grass.... so pretty to see.. such awesome trails! What part of CA are you in? Are your trails all accessible close to where you live or do you have to haul most of the time? We have FINALLY hit some 50 degree weather here .. WOOHOO! but still lots of snow up high.. won't be hitting the trail too soon..

    1. I can ride right outside my stable, which is a luxury. I can trailer about 10 minutes to the Western States trail (Tevis finish), in Auburn, Ca. Ride there too, (probably this weekend) but its a tough longer trail (about 12 miles).

      Sorry about your cold weather, I don't know if I could handle that! You'll have green grass much longer than we will. Very bad rain year!

    2. that really nice.. yes, I supposed you will be dried up about the time we are getting greened up! We are looking at moving in a couple years to a better climate.. In the meantime, I will just llive vicariously through others like you!