Saturday, February 25, 2012


Two horrible rides this week. A quick forest jaunt turned into a big fight with no brakes. We worked transitions up and down the only smooth road in the forest, and Major just Could. Not. Listen. Must. Jig. Everywhere! The next day arena work was just horrendous, our brakes are fine in the arena but everything else is crap (we will be working on that stuff). Which led to working along the gravel road on transitions, since outside the arena is where the brakes fail. I was not very happy with my horse.

So I was a bit trepidatious about today, going out with Cisco and S again. But we'd planned it a couple weeks ago, and headed toward Granite Bay. It was a bit windy in the forest, but not bad, but we were glad not to take the lake trail.

And Major was fine. We followed Cisco, who had too much time off and excess naughty energy, and Major kept his sanity. We led and he power trotted along, I said no cantering and he listened. We stopped at the staging area but neither horse wanted water, so we continued.

Down to a trail I'd never tried before, (I must come back and explore that area) and up the fun canter road, and then out towards Beals Point and the Dam. Bikes whizzed past us, lots of them, and joggers and dogs. Both horses were good, then we ate some grass and turned for home...

And Major was still pretty good! Notice I left out Cisco. S had her hands full of a lovely prancing pony. He looked very fancy and handsome, but couldn't settle down. And remember when I mentioned it was windy before? Now it was really blowing. Cisco led home for awhile, he hates being behind and we just wanted to get home in one piece. Major trotted along behind, keeping up but not pulling much.

When we got to the forest we decided to walk a bit and refocus. Major thought about jigging but stayed in a nice walk the rest of the time. It was really good practice. Cisco was jigging along, and a couple times got too close to Major, who thought about naughty behavior (flashbacks from crazy Ziggy) but no way, that is not acceptable!

In the end a good ride, and we all know what we need to work on. Major redeemed himself, but I have my challenges still. Every ride is just moment in time, and while you can plan and train for what you want, you just have to work with the horse you are riding that day.

Today I was happier with my horse. And he was happy to have carrots. His life is simpler. But mine is good too.

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