Monday, February 27, 2012

major rocks

Since our good ride yesterday, I wanted to push my luck and try to keep a sedate pace and not many miles. So I chose a trail that you can't go very fast on: the rock trail. I've written about it before, and June was the last time I did the trail! But it seemed like a good day to have Major think about his feet and have some nice views along the way. People paying close attention may notice something the same in every photo (and not just his ears!)

Our first obstacle, go around and not under!
Last part of the good trail before we drop onto rock trail
Don't go up this way, I tried it before, not fun.
Now THIS is the rock trail. Yes, that is a solid piece of granite you go down over.
At this point we are not very high above the canal trail, which you can see below. Which is much easier. Major questions my judgment.
Getting the idea? More rocks. But only about 1.5 miles of this type of trail.
Not just small rocks, there gorgeous huge ones too.

Major thinks "42.5 miles to go!?!?" No, just a trail marker (distance from Sacramento)
We were done with the rock trail, and continued past this driftwood mash-up.
Going home ears, fun little bridge to trot over.
Thwarted! A new tree down! Major was sure he could go over it (um, no. We backtracked just a bit to go around)
walking home, with purpose!
well deserved snack!
We didn't see the sun until the very last photo, and then it wasn't much. It was quite cold, but Major hadn't gotten very sweaty. He looks like a yak, and I know I could shave at least his goat beard, but he's starting to shed, so I'll be lazy and just wait. It was a fun ride, where he was nice and careful with his feet, even at some speed over rocks. I wanted to do this section since it had been so long, and I'm hoping to do the AR 25 at the end of April!

Did you notice it? The little piece of hay in his mane/forelock in all the ear shots? I obviously am a bad mother and didn't brush his mane (I almost never do). Never even noticed it until I looked at the photos. It is probably still there!

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  1. Bahaha, the piece of hay in his hair was too funny. No harm done, he was saving a snack for later!