Monday, June 6, 2011

friday rides: year 2

I have Friday's off for the next few months. So here I begin the second year of Friday rides:

I can't take it anymore! I had a weekend free for riding, and it June...again. Average temperature 87...this weekend 65.

I had a nice ride on Friday, with a friend on her horse Friday (love Friday on Friday rides). We headed out to Avery Pond and beyond, crossing all the scary bridges, with lots of fun trotting. Cantering (away from home!) over at Rattlesnake Bar, both horses leading or following. Major is fine following Friday, though he does make crabby ears and would rather be in the lead, but needless to say he doesn't get to choose.

He did get to be extra stupid a couple times, including one time I can't figure out at all. At Avery Pond just on the regular trail he thought he saw something and backed up 5-6 steps....and not paying attention there was a drop off and he had to scramble to stay on the trail! And then walked right past the area like there was nothing. He did mange to cut his leg (probably with his other hoof, or a rock) but it is not bad.

He also tried the backing-up evasion at the bridge of death (Mormon Ravine). He didn't succeed, and we rode over the bridge a couple times for practice. It isn't the bridge he dislikes, I think it is the sound of water rushing underneath it. He started in with the tap-dancing, but I just pushed him across. Friday was such a good boy, and didn't seem to flinch at all! Always good to have two horses have sane and silly moments at opposite times.

Coming home our speed was almost 2 mph faster, over pretty tough terrain. Major was doing his top-speed trot, which Friday had a hard time keeping up with, so we worked on halting and waiting, then when Friday caught up trotting again. I think it was good for Major to practice being patient. They both had fun blasting to the top at the last staging area, but settled right down. Good ponies!

looking cute, except for the June MUD I didn't brush off...
Hoping for more good rides, and that the weather clears up. Sunday kept threatening rain, and Major's leg was a bit swollen (though not hot or sore or lame) from his cut. So we walked it off (after hiking the edema was gone). While hiking we ran into friends out on the trail, everyone just glad to be out! Major got to eat among the poppies while their horses stared enviously...

I hope to fit some rides in this week, and that the trails aren't too mucky after another half inch of rain last night! Current gray skies and wind do not bode well...

This coming Friday I'll be attending Horse Expo and not riding. I'll miss the trails but I'll hopefully learn a lot (and not buy too much)!

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