Monday, June 27, 2011

(wednesday) friday ride

Due to a weekend camping trip, I took my Friday ride on Wednesday. I dragged along my friend and her horse Friday, all on the hottest day of the year. We started out early, but getting ready we were already hot. It was very cute when I brought Major out, he visited with Friday, and they both started grooming each other. They are buddies!

The forest beckoned and was nice and cool. I wanted to try the same trail to Granite Bay, some fun spots I wanted to show off. The trail there wasn't too hot, and we had lots of fun trotting and cantering. And at the staging area the water was back on! Both horses thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Major is more of a scuba-diver: dunking his whole head in, spouting out water like a dolphin. Friday tried that: but got a nose-full of water and didn't enjoy it much. So instead he contented himself by just shaking his head back and forth, making nice frothy waves.

We did finally make them leave the trough, and continue on. After a super fun canter up a big hill, we walked down a steep, dry, dusty trail to a small beach paradise. The white sand, blue water, green trees, just beautiful. We were in Belize? Both horses were happy to get into the water, walk around, just enjoy. We would have really like to get off and jump in ourselves, but it was a long ride home, especially in wet clothes.

Heading home it just seemed to get hotter and hotter. About 10 miles in there is a long stretch on an upper trail, no trees, just scrub brush, and downhill, requiring walking. I think that sucked the last of our energy from us. The horses were fine, we were melting. We arrived in the forest and took the most direct trail home. Unfortunately I also got stung by a bee, but that was just uncomfortable, I was just ready to get home! We moved out where we could, the breeze of our movement keeping up cool.

Back home both horses enjoyed being cooled off and rolling in the arena. We were still hot and tired, but seeing them enjoying themselves is always rewarding. I love the summer rides, but would prefer maybe not 98 degrees, I'll settle for a cool 90 instead!

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