Wednesday, March 9, 2011

trail scouting

With better weather and more trail time approaching, I'm itching to hook up my trailer and try some new locations. This will be my first year with a trailer, and while I still need to get used to it, there are some places pretty close by, easy drives, that I know I can manage.

One is the Auburn staging area. This is where Tevis ends every year, and is access to hundreds of miles of trails. I want to ride south-west from there to Folsom lake, (I have ridden the lower portion, it is just the 7 miles in between I get to try next). I wanted to scout the trails first, as I know some people who've gotten a bit turned around...and you might not want to end up on Cardiac Hill!

I've hiked this area often, but tended to wander onto people-sized trails, take a road here and there, etc. This time I stuck on the horse trail, and while a bit muddy it was all passable. There are a couple quite steep areas, some really rocky parts and and also a couple places where you have to follow the road. Luckily it is just a park road and hardly used (only open on weekends in Spring and Summer).

The river is very full, the canyon is beautiful and the wildflowers are just coming out. I can't wait to ride!

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