Saturday, March 26, 2011

stormy drama

The rain let up for a few hours, just in time for my scheduled vet appointment. Though the vet couldn't come in our main gate because a big oak has fallen across it! That isn't so scary as the huge branch that crushed the shelter less than 30 feet from Major! Luckily that horse was ok. Another tree fell down earlier in the week, trapping the old pony in it's branches, she is ok too. We're all on pins and needles, it has been raining all day again, but supposedly 72 degrees by Thursday. We're ready for it!

Major had his annual checkup Friday. He is a good boy for the vet, who calls him "cute." Got a couple vaccinations, weight is good, will probably do teeth in the fall. His wound is looking better, even the vet was perplexed to how Major may have accomplished it. After the vet visit Major got to play in the arena a bit, he's been cooped up during the storms. He was happy and I went back to work.

When I checked on him that afternoon it was a different story. He was very stiff and sore, touch him anywhere and he'd just flinch and sink. No fever, but more troubling were muscles tremors/shaking. He was eating grass like a champ when I called the vet. Vet was also concerned about the muscles, so I went and picked up some benamine.

After dosing him I took his temp he had a slight fever. But was eating fine, and I let him rest. A few hours later I drove back to the barn in the rain and the dark, happy to wake Major up and see that his fever was down some.

This morning the barn manager checked on him, fever mostly gone, and when turned out for the few dry hours he played some. I took him for a nice walk, by then in the pouring rain. He certainly doesn't mind when he knows it's really just an eating walk.

I'll have to re-evaluate my vaccination protocol next year, probably just giving one thing at a time. The vet didn't think we overloaded, but Major just has to be the special one. I am interested to see if the slight fever will show up on hoof growth. I never felt any heat, but event lines can be pretty telltale.

I'm ready for any drama to be over with, and to start enjoying the Spring! This delayed hit of winter has been tough, but I know we'll appreciate the extra rain when there is still green grass in July.

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