Friday, January 14, 2011


This evening Major wasn't feeling well. I went and got him from his pasture and he didn't want to lead. I thought maybe he was being stubborn and holding out for a carrot. I held a baby carrot out for him and he didn't want it. Red flag: this horse eats everything all the time. I am so grateful that my barn owner was there. She got out the stethoscope, listened for gut sounds (some, both sides, could be better), checked gums (a little pale), skin tent (ok), he had slightly pinchy nostrils (I didn't know that one.) I walked him a little, he did want to eat grass, and we gave him some oil in a little mash. I was willing to immediately call the vet, but she has 40+ years experience that I was willing to listen to. In about an hour Major was acting perky, trying to steal hay off the cart, and not letting her check his gums (usual brattiness.) I left worried but knowing he was in good hands.

Best part: she just called after checking on him. He seemed bright and chipper, wondering where the rest of his dinner was, and there was poop! She said she'd give him a big hug and kiss.

I have a great barn owner. We may disagree about supplements or hoofcare or tack, but she knows and loves horses, and treats her few boarders horses as she does her own.

I'll still worry tonight, but a lot less after her report. As always, hug your horses (and other creatures).

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