Saturday, January 15, 2011


Major seemed 100% improved today, back to his usual self. I, of course, worried all night, but he ate breakfast and was out in pasture when I arrived. Gobbled up a carrot and we went for a short hike in the forest. Took a friend with her green arab, everyone behaved themselves and enjoyed plenty of stops for grass.

One story today made me laugh and just shake my head and sigh: I guess the barn owner (who, as I said, I like and appreciate) mentioned to the barn manager that she thought Major might have felt sick because his feet hurt from being barefoot. Sigh... Major has no lameness, not footsore, good feet...but no shoes. I'm not anti- shoe (do the best thing for your horse), so I wish people wouldn't be anti-barefoot. Don't know why Major felt punky, and would like to figure it out, but I truly don't think it's that.

The weather this weekend is beautiful, sun is out and it's almost 60 degrees. I still think I'll just take it easy with Major, maybe just over-cautious and a worrywart, but I plan to have plenty of weekends to ride in the future.

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