Monday, June 7, 2010

scuba horse

Sunday was hot, probably the hottest day of the year. And Major did NOT want to leave the stable, where he'd just finished breakfast. It was too early, too hot, too much work. But we took the same trail as Friday, with the intention of going to Avery Pond. Got out on the trail, he moved out just fine. We did walk a lot in the shade, neither of us motivated to keep trotting. At Rattlesnake was when I discovered my scuba horse! We waded into the water, where about 10 times he dunked his entire head, up to the browband, into the lake! He wasn't that hot, I think he was just playing! I really want to take this horse swimming, I bet he'd love it. He is also a hippo (which makes sense, hippopotamus meaning water horse!) and enjoys eating the wet weeds that are under the water. We went past this about a half mile, but my ambition for Avery Pond was flagging.

Going home we picked up the pace...but a bit too much. At one point I lost all brakes, not fun! And making me realize we need more schooling. In the arena this is not a problem, but rating is becoming a tug-of-war, not what I want. After the small battle, all was OK, and we got home in one hot piece. I was going to do some arena work,I know I need to, but the sun was blazing and Major got a good hosing off, a carrot and a roll in the dirt.

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