Tuesday, June 1, 2010

back in the saddle

One week of rain, one week of being sick, I was pretty nervous about what two weeks off had done to my horse! I thought i'd just take a short ride around the forest. Tacked up as usual, headed for the arena. After about four laps, I was bored (I know, I need to work on this) and we headed for the gate. Major was a bit reluctant up the road and in the beginning of the forest, I think he though that life was just hanging out in pasture eating. At one point he was lagging and I worried he was lame/felt off/something. I turned for home...and got a ground-eating sound trot...ok, no problems but laziness!

Once we got onto the lake trials, he was great. He remembered our latest agreement, trot the flats and uphills, must walk the downhills and slow over rocks. At one point going up a slight hill be started cantering. I probably should have pulled him back, but he was being good (not running off) and I knew right where we were and how we'd stop at the top. It was great fun! He didn't make me nervous, maybe I have to trust him on that. Certainly need to work on our cardio, but so very few places to canter more than 100 feet. Need that trailer to find more places to explore!

Went up to the lake by Los Lagos, hadn't been there before with him. Unfortunately the trail through Los Lagos is overgrown...the owners probably like it like that, not having to share their fancy space, but it was a nice trail. Going home was pretty good, he did want to canter at two other points going home, and was being a bit of a brat, so I actually let him because the hill is really steep...gee, about half-way up he thought that cantering was too hard, but I made him continue anyway. At the top of one hill we cantered up and came upon a hobbled mule and owner relaxing! Major wasn't even spooked by their sudden appearance. The mule was beautiful, and I'd love Major learn how to hobble.

I'm proud of my horse, two weeks off and really just his usual self. Which yes, still has his issues, but most days I really can see the progress from 10 months ago when I bought him. I certainly hope the weather will start behaving like California again, all this rain every couple weeks is strange. We're not supposed to have rain May–September!

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