Tuesday, June 21, 2022

home trails


very full lake view

We started off walking. I wanted to establish a good base and instill some good behaviors. I knew Miles had done more, but I wanted to try and do it right. Is this the right way? I don't know, I've read so many ways to work green horses, but this seemed sensible.

smorgasbord when the grass was high

lupine paths diverging

under epic skies

Miles did not always agree. Going home should be faster. Or up hills should be faster. Or when his friend went around the corner we should catch up. Or sometimes just because. I'm pretty attuned to most of those tricks, so there were a lot of discussions that he did not win. What worked best for him: going home and working in the arena. Even just the road home became an arena extension.

our friend S and Rocky coming up the hill

Beau and Miles have a playdate
And still he has days where he forgets. And he forgets when we ride with others. And then he thinks back to his show days and wants to prance around. But we're working on that and it has much improved! He goes out with "Grandpa" Rocky, who isn't phased by Miles' antics. He also goes out with his pasture neighbor Beau, it is good to ride with people who understand our goals.

Trails turning brown

trying to creep closer to the treat tote

There weren't many photos in the beginning, as I needed two hands on the reins. We're much better now though, he'll stand forever if there are snacks available.

singletrack with pretty yellow flowers

three oak knoll

I am good at selfies, hi everyone!

And he sure loves to eat! The grass has turned brown now but he still looks for snacks everywhere. I'm fine with when we stop he gets a snack, he hasn't figured out how to snatch and walk, we'll leave that for later! He is very expectant after a ride for treats. In the beginning I gave him too many, he's a bit too greedy for that. Now he just gets a couple (when he is caught in pasture, when his bit goes in, after I untack, when he's put away). Much nicer behavior after that was instituted.

golden grasses

after ride posing

Now we've walked 100 miles. It's been a good project to concentrate on, and it is nice when I arrive at the stable and whistle for Miles he whinnys back. We're working on walk/trot (and even some canter) for our second hundred. The miles have already flown by, we'll see what the summer holds…

Wesley judging my work projects

Wesley thinks he is so tough posing with the deer skull

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  1. I ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ trail walking! Its hard at first to manage pace/anxiety but it pays off dividends. Miles is such a pretty boy! More beautiful pics of your beautiful boy on your beautiful trails!