Friday, January 7, 2022

meet Q

In November a friend texted me "Are you only interested in a gelding, no mares?" I said if it was the right one, but I wasn't interested in buying right now. Then she said the owners were probably interested in a lease, and I got more intrigued.

Off of a couple pictures and a short conversation I went and saw the mare. Short, dirty, fat, friendly, pretty easy to work with, seemed sensible. Well-bred for endurance, had been started at 5, then pretty much sat for 4 years, except for the 1-2 times a year they pulled her out to trail ride around the property. 

meeting, who are you?

living in red dirt is bad for a gray

Hmmm, not ridden much, out of shape, moving to a new place, you know what, why not. I've made worse decisions lately (fatalism at it's best). Feed lease (except insurance) for six months (or when I want to stop it.) Picked her up the next week. A bit reluctant to go in the trailer, but did get in and rode home quietly.

Her name is Qamara, but I'm not a huge fan of that. I'm just calling her Q, it is short and cute (and happens to be an excellent Star Trek character besides). I was able to take her back to my old stable, which was a comfort. Luckily she really likes eating, so settled in pretty quickly, saying hi to the boys. She was so dirty the stable owner thought I'd bought a roan, not a gray!

settling in…oh food, cool!

meeting the boys
First week I let her settle in, just some short walks and grooming to get that red dirt off of her. She was respectful of my space, has very good ground manners and does like a good brushing! She even stood nicely for a bath! Second week I took her on some forest hikes, she was looky but not stupid, snorting softly at the new surroundings. 

forest hike

after her first bath

meeting her doppleganger down the street

Time to saddle up…in the arena. Did some ground work for a few days, decided to go for it when she stood nicely at the mounting block. We worked on walking, turning, listening, bending, all the basics. She had a lot to remember, I could tell her brain was thinking about all the changes, but she was good about it. After a few rides just in the arena, I warmed her up in the arena and then I took her down the road after each ride, where we'd been walking the previous weeks. We had some discussions about certain areas where monsters must lurk, but consistently not letting her get away with it resulted in a forward walk past the spooky place, yeah!

ready for the trails

after a few rides I felt I could take a chance at a photo
Then into the forest we went. We've now done some shorter and longer rides, single track and wider trails. She is spookier than I'd like, but has taken me with her spins (for now), and is pretty sure footed and more importantly seems to really like it. Working up distance as she's been a pasture puff all this time. Also working on saddle fit, which when riding a horse shaped like a propane tank can be difficult (she has no withers and is super wide).

green, and very muddy in places


awkward after ride, but mmm, grass

there isn't much mud in her field, but she can find it all

every day is like this, sigh…
So for now I have a project that is helping me look forward instead of back, though some days I'm still quite lost. I don't know where this is going or how consistently I'll write (not sure where my heart is right now) but 2022 is starting off better…



  1. At last !! looking forward to how you and your new project progress !!Do you know her sire and dam I would like to look at her pedigree out of interest.

    1. Thanks! Her sire is the endurance stallion LS Zane Grey +//. Her mother was not registered, Bay Shanaa.

    2. Thanks She is on all breed so I could look.

  2. "You just don't get it, do you, Jean-Luc? The trial never ends. We wanted to see if you had the ability to expand your mind and your horizons. And for one brief moment, you did."

    I am so sorry you got a grey, though in Summer she'll be much cleaner I think. Mine rolls in mud daily, it's a family joke by now. I love how both of Q's front legs are not coming out of the same hole, like so many modern Arabians. If you need help with her tail, just ask - I'm the grey horse tail cleaning master!

    1. I knew you would appreciate my love of the Q character and her nickname!

      You are an expert on the grey horse and dirt, plus tails for sure! It's too cold for baths around here, plus I'm terrible and maybe don't care too much about her tail (for now). But I sure know who to turn to!

    2. I forgot to mention her soft eye. It never quits, does it, in any photo? Just like my heart horse. Alright, first of all you just need 2 buckets of warm/hot water. Cuz washing in the Winter in ice cold water is no fun for your hands. The horse also appreciates the warm water when it touches their tailbone. If you don't have a hot water heater at your barn, well, AGH. I know that situation, nothing to be done. I also understand that some people don't mind a grey horse with a brown tail (mares' tails are even worse!) but as a warning to you, there are people out there who will judge you *LOL* Just kidding. Have you ever seen the Vienna Lippizans? You know their tails never see light of day, they live in tail wraps. In one week I'll be back in Germany, and just for you, I'll document the process of getting a tail brown to white again : )
      I've been in America SEVEN weeks. My German life seems like a dream. I feel like a normal American. I eat chips and salsa as a meal. In the back of my brain I feel I have beloved animals - are they real? A lot, a lot has happened in America so my brain is full. I was stalked yesterday in Olympia by a psycho who followed me to my car (a rental with a CA plate). My husband fainted at MY dental appointment. A hick came into my home with no mask (despite the sign) and spoke about the importance of spanking children. I got flipped off for driving a 1991 Dodge Ram under the speed limit, because it handles so badly. I saw Mexicans having a road rage war in the Dollar Store parking lot in Burien.

      I met a German lady at Ross Dress for Less and I said, "Right now, it's better to be in Germany. People are crazy here." She said I was the first person to speak German to her at her job, ever.: )

      I've never felt so unsafe in my life, as I do here now. We actually lock our doors.

      Thank you for listening, it's just not my country at the moment: )

      One good thing - we have this awesome view of the Olympic mountains and every day they change a little - it's like they have moods. I've never appreciated our PNW mountains as much as I do now. This is the most beautiful place on earth, it's just messed up.

    3. I'll look forward to your tail tips. Sounds like you have some crazy stories from being in America, I hope you share them! Maybe this is why I rarely leave the house, home, work, stable, that's all I do! All shopping is online and like you, I just enjoy the views.

  3. Welcome to the world of the grey horse Qs! A tiger tongue will be your best friend ❤️ and dont mind the spookiness at first, she will learn to trust and check in with you first … eventually. Enjoy the view of the grey horse ears, that looks more like a strawberry roan.

    1. I'll need to get one of those. She doesn't like my favorite scratchy brush, so I'm trying others. I thought she looked quote pretty in her orange/pink tint! It's fading though, now it's just dirty gray.

    2. I remembered your Q after I thought of her nickname, I hope she is as nice as your Q!

  4. Hello Q! What a sweet face! Eyes don't lie.
    Ride the path forward and let it take you where it will. If you don't know where you're going, you're not lost. Wishing you the best for 2022.

  5. Welcome, Q! She's super cute. Can't wait to read about your adventures going forward.

  6. Glad to see you are back in the saddle and starting 2022 in a better way <3 Looking forward to the seeing where the trails take you and Q!