Thursday, July 15, 2021



In one of my favorite books, the devastatingly sad protagonist (who had just lost his bond-animal) has a mental conversation with a cat: 

"Make a lap by the fire.…Hold the cat, you’ll feel better. Fennel the cat said.
I don’t think so.
He rubbed against my leg insistently. Hold the cat.
I don’t want to hold the cat.
Don’t talk back, pick up the cat!

…he leapt to my shoulder…He landed, not heavily, but as if someone had put a large, friendly hand on my shoulder. Hold the cat, you’ll feel better. "
(—Fool’s Errand, Robin Hobb)

The cat is right.

playing is very tiring
Meet Wesley. Full name: Ensign Wesley Crusher (of Star Trek: The Next Generation)


Telling me the whole tale of how he caught the fish-bird.

He came into our home in the middle of May, I just hadn’t gotten around to an introduction. He orbits me like a small, furry satellite expecting attention, pets, hugs, laps, toys, attention, anything. He runs around like a crazy, whirling dervish, skidding across the floor and up the 8-foot cat tower, all carrying his favorite fish-bird toy. He is deadly to any paper bag, box or laundry basket. 
am I interrupting boys?
He and the older cat Jack have come to some agreement, and wrestle time is every evening. He is just over a year old, and Jack is 15.

But he seeks me out when I am sitting quietly, probably thinking too much, and wants to sit ON me, in any way possible. Hold the cat, you'll feel better.

Hanging in the catio: Jack (in the box) and Wesley on a shelf perch
My SO built and awesome “catio” accessed off our bedroom, both cats love it. I join them to sit out there in the morning, cup of tea, trying NOT to be the crazy cat lady in a custom catio with her cats…I think I’ll just have to embrace it.

 Thank you Wesley for being a bright (orange) spot in my life.


  1. He's beautiful! And yes, he will help you heal. It's particularly apt that he is orange :-) Hope it's all getting easier to remember Major without too much pain. Fran in Grass Valley.

  2. Omg what an adorable pest! He has the cutest expressions!

  3. Cats just know. I hope time is softening your sadness.

  4. Jack has his hands full!!! Does he like the catio also?