Wednesday, March 31, 2021

gone green

picture yourself here

though hold on, he was very sassy that day!
I've been quiet the rest of March because it is too nice to sit in front of computer on non-work hours when the world has gone green! For anyone who is still muddy, or slushy, or still brown, this is for you!

Generic green? Nope, I love that I can tell exactly where this is!

pausing in the fern forest to be annoyed at me taking photos
We've had long and short rides, many a bit fast while the spring zoomies take over, but also some we-can-contain ourselves walking and behaving. Major (and I) need the balance of both to be sane. 

these fern rocks are my favorite

snack break

This is truly an amazing time on the trail. The lack of rain means no mud (no rain is a bad thing, but might as well think positive), the grasses and trees have exploded. You can see the oak pollen floating through the air, or maybe it is leprechaun gold dust. It is amazing once the buckeye trees have leafed out how shady the forest trails become. Not all is positive: a lot of the bright, low green in the forest is unfortunately poison oak, stay clear even this early in the season!

blooming tunnel of pretty but foul smelling ceanothus

the lake is still low until the snow melts at higher elevations

Sidenote: One of my favorite science fiction short stories is called "Dream Gone Green" by Alan Dean Foster and features a horse, I always think of it (and re-read it) this time of year. A lovely story. It is in the short story collection "With Friends Like These…", very accessible sci-fi.

miners lettuce, tasty for all!

closeup of cool moss rock

Major in the part of the pasture we call the Tree Fort
I'll try to remember all of this in summer, when we are brown (or on fire…). but for now I'll celebrate the green. How is the green on your trails?

bridge ahead, almost can't see it for all the green

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  1. Our trails turned white again today, so your green is a balm for my soul. Summer feels so far away, but I know its just around the corner. Your green is beautiful!