Friday, January 15, 2021

olmstead adventure

It had been awhile since I'd gone on an actual adventure! I was inspired while hiking the day before: looking across the canyon I saw horses on the opposite side on the Salt Creek loop. They were tiny and I pondered that I hadn't done that trail in a long time.

tiny, tiny riders

Well, that didn't take long: the next day I loaded up and trailered over. The trailhead is only 25 minutes away, but it is down and up a steep canyon with asshole drivers, so not my favorite. But we got there early and the lot was already filling up, bound to be a busy day.

(numbers are coordinated with photo locations)
I didn't have much plan other than doing the loop I'd seen the riders on the day before. But of course to do the loop you have to get out there, and this park has a multitude of trail choices. I used my handy GPS app (others will work fine, but I use Gaia GPS so I can download the maps to my phone in this less-than-stellar cell area) to pick a route.

(1) heading out
Normally I'd just wander about, but I get turned around in this park and am trying to avoid the super rocky awful part (success this time!). 

I picked a smaller trail, very shady, cold and slippery! I forget that the earth here is mostly red clay, and how slick it can get when wet (the wet leaves on it did not help either)! 

(2) slippery choices

I crossed the dry Salt Creek and turned right onto a dirt access road, shady and cold but good trotting!

(3) fun trotting road
Down, down the gravel road goes, in a quite uninteresting way (except for the view), then you're at the river. Well, above the river on a low plateau. Major, for once, wasn't interesting in going down to the river, probably because we'd only gone 5.5 miles at this point. He wanted to go up! 

(4) down the boring road

(5) where I'd seen the riders the day before!

(6) going up (and a lost easyboot on the marker post!)
We took it easy because it is very steep set of switchbacks, with great views. Back up from the river is about 1000 feet climb in about 1.5 miles.

(7) love these views

(7) silly trail marker, no where else to go (over the cliff?)
At the top I had to decide which way to go. Major seemed game, so I headed out towards the Rim trail. Getting there is half the fun, a wide variety of different trail views!

(8) pine trail

(9) low, green pond

(10) old orchard

A couple wrong turns (Major wanted to take every path back to the trailer, my GPS told me otherwise!) and we were on my favorite trail, the twisty, turny Rim trail! Though this time it was also the damp and slippery trail! Discussions were had about slowing down…

(13) oaks everywhere

After that it seems like you should be done, but it is still about three miles back to the staging area! We passed by the pretty pond (and a dad and kids on bikes) and I made Major take a breather and snack on some green grass.

(14) perfect pond

(15) are we there yet?

(16) important snacks

I thought he seemed a little tired, but then he tried to trot back to the trailer after his snack, so not too much! One last trail though knee deep water (fun!) and we were back. Mash, warm cooler, the washing of muddy boots, trailering home. All in a days fun, I think for us both.

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  1. I feel like my comments on your blog are redundant at this point, but...

    What a cool adventure and beautiful ride! Your trail photos always leave me starry eyed and daydreaming.