Friday, September 18, 2020

falcon crest redux

oh boy, where are we?

A couple weeks ago, on a day of supposedly "light green/yellow" air quality, I headed out with C and Friday to Falcon Crest staging area. Now, I knew it had been a few years since we visited (and blogged) this staging area on the other side of Folsom lake, but when I looked it had been February 2012! Where does the time go?!

long, very creaky bridge

low lake, no playing
 I remembered how the trails connected, but not much else. Parking was easy, and the trails were all pretty shady. Lots of oak trees, dry grass, yucky star thistle and buckeye trees. The lake is WAY down, and not safely accessible (sucking mud), so no cooling in the lake for Major and Friday.

car chassis, been there a LONG time!

feed me sandwich…

The horses did appreciate the break when we stopped to eat our snack. How can I ignore this face? PB&J sandwich is always shared.

nice trough for drinking and scooping!


lovely, old oak
It was not a long adventure, the smoke layer was lowering, and we didn't want to do too much as it was also getting hot (double fun, yeah!). There was a nice trough where I used my scoop and cooled Major off, I wanted to get in myself!

I think I'll put this on my list to go back to in Spring. And not take eight years to do it!

re-create photo fun!


  1. That’s just up the hill from where Nevel, Falcon and Bleu are.
    We typically loop around up there as the trail near the barn connects up with the trail that heads there or to Browns Ravine. So gorgeous in spring (which is when we were last out (May )

    1. Yes! This was last minute choice, or I'd let you know. I saw some trails heading off, wondering: Is that where her stable is? Definitely in the Spring…

  2. Ashke loves PB&J and will take it out of my mouth to snack on. And the final pics are very cool. Major looks amazing eight years later.

    1. Thanks. And PB&J is the perfect food, Ashke and Major know it!