Monday, June 22, 2020

monday moment: farmer

Because everyone might need a smile today:

Recent staging area conversation next to my trailer:

"Mommy, why is the farmer putting red shoes on that horsey?"

(The Mom was totally embarrassed, she apologized "She thinks you are a farmer because of the hat!" I really just thought it was funny!)

Hat in question.

Shoes in question.

um, excuse me, is my grain done yet?

Horsey in question.

Young child may still need some help with her colors on the boots…MAYBE they're a little red, I think they're pretty orange!


  1. Time for me to dig out the boots after the Spring drought. Mag's taken a few off steps, so I guess it's time for me to start shaving his hooves. It's been so long I doubt they'll fit, we'll see.

    Red/Orange is a cultural thing, as much as Blue/Purple. And Pink/Violet.

    Twice in Germany I've been told by my bosses (2), to "hit the red button" and I looked and saw only grey or orange. They quickly punch the orange and I say, "Oh, you mean Orange."

    No idea. They simply have no idea. Two bosses, two jobs, one in the operating room in a hospital, to open the automatic OR door, and one in an English teaching school using colorful software buttons on screen.

    I've since learned that naming colors is a cultural thing. That sounds good cuz otherwise I'm surrounded by idiots who cannot differentiate basic primary colors.

    1. interesting about the colors. I really hate red, but orange is great. There is a dividing line that I can but couldn't explain!

  2. This farmer wears a hat like that every day! Love Major's personalized feed tub <3 <3 <3

    1. I love my straw hats, glad you do too! Major loves the tub too, especially when full!

  3. I rode an off-the-track Thoroughbred in Golden Gate Park when I was growing up. He had that tongue-hanging thing and a child once looked at him and said, "I didn't know horses had tongues!"

    1. hehe, that is a good one. (I guess you really don't see their tongue much, except for those special horse!)