Friday, April 24, 2020


I'm not riding much, but I am riding a bit. I hate that I was worried about writing that (as I’ve seen some serious judging online), but if is offends someone then I’m sorry, everyone has to do what they see as OK, with suitable precautions. In my case I still have to go in to work about twice a week (the other days I work from home). On those days after work, I go see Major (he is conveniently between work and home) and fit in a quick ride sometimes too.

empty landscape

Luckily my stable is set up so I go through one outside gate to get to Major (that me and one other absentee boarder use), then I tack up at my trailer (that no one else goes near). I have seen one cyclist on a parallel trail, two rider friends off in the distance, and a few people walking on the county lane. All parks are open in my county, just not parking lots, so they’re used by those with local knowledge of the trails.

deer trail to balancing rock

rocks sand sky
Spring has certainly sprung and the grass and everything is green and luscious. It also means the lake is rising, and will lose that trail for the season soon. But I’ve been staying close to home in the forest, and mostly just exploring: following deer trails, taking trails unused for awhile, stopping for pretty views. I explored a deer trail the other day that led to a very cool rocky formation, complete with balancing rock, and the trail beckoned for more exploring. But I was done for that day, and will save that for another time.

I'm done! But we just started Major.

making Major do stupid horse tricks
Also more hiking! I need the exercise (as does Major, but not as much), so often I just throw his halter and lead rope on and wander off into the forest. Sometimes I even drag the SO with me! The only bad part is the prolific poison oak, but I’m avoiding it as much as possible while still seeking out interesting trails. I’m also avoiding the big hills that Major usually carries me up, they’re a lot of work!

tailing Major behind my SO

actual proof I exist
I can also hike from my house into the state park, closed for driving to but not hiking trails. It is a quiet portion of the park, I’ve seen very few people, but some pretty spring flowers (and a late, fat, salamander!).

wild iris

california poppy

fat salamander, pretty late for the party

I hope everyone is taking care, of yourselves and your horses, in the best way possible for you at this time. I’m glad to be getting out in a limited way, and never more grateful for where I live.

Major surveying an empty lake


  1. Gorgeous photos. Thank you for sharing. I miss riding so much, and seeing these gorgeous landscapes framed by lovely ears was a nice pick-me-up on a rainy day here at home. Be safe and enjoy <3

  2. Good to see Major's face and to confirm that you are indeed real. :)

  3. I love your riding photos all the time, but spring out there is my absolute favorite.