Friday, February 28, 2020

leap day!

Tomorrow is February 29, Leap Day! To some it is just an odd calendar anomaly, a necessary quirk of accurate timekeeping, but for me it is a FREE DAY! If you were given a free day what would you do? Well, now you have one! So get out and ride, hike, read a great book (ok, those are what I will be doing, do what you like!). I give you permission to do no chores or necessary life things (that laundry can wait).

Leap day… feel the wind in your hair!

Note that I say what I want to do. Major may have different opinions (doesn't he always).

leap day is not for spooking at the standard turkeys

leap day is not for the ear that wants to go home

it is definitely NOT for being a thug when left alone for 5 minutes

You'll have to wait four years for another opportunity, so get out and enjoy your Leap Day!

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