Thursday, September 12, 2019


When attending rides at the Major School of Wizardry, you might need to choose a magic wand.

heading out with my magic wand

The wand can be any species of small stick, and waving it produces amazing results. Just waving (no tapping) will increase the walking rate, while a tap with the tiny, almost useless stick, might even get a sluggish beast to trot.

dry forest trail

love to see the green!

Once said trot is established, there is no need for the wand. It is not effective at slowing down a beast. Once said beast has decided that oh yeah, this IS actually fun, there is actually very little that can stop it. Incantations of the spell "knockitoff" and "easydammit" are occasionally effective.

But green grass is the nemesis, though here heartily devoured.

amazing new grass

One ear pointed towards home always reminds the rider what should always be the goal: going home to dinner.

rock wall, turn around here?

lower trail disappearing

But the cool shade of the lake trail beckoned, until it disappeared under the water. Then the upper trail gave sunset views.

almost-autumn light above the lake

The way home was not to be thwarted, even for a pretty picture of yellow light through the trees.

stopping is optional?

The spell had been cast correctly that day, rider and beast were content.


  1. The HP fangirl in me absolutely loves this haha Looks like it was a great ride, I really need to go back to CA for more trails

    1. Yeah! I could go on and on with more HP stuff (what house is your horse?!) but decided to keep it simple...

  2. You make California such a desination place/long-term living situation. You also offer escape from the heat (AC). The longer I live in Europe's drought, worse each year, the readier I am to live in the cool oasis that is middle to southern California.

    1. We happen to be out of official drought right now (it’ll be back), but the water situation in California is terrible (especially so cal!) And there are plenty of “cool oasis” days, but you’d better be able to deal with multiple weeks of 100+ degrees in central part of the state. That being said, I still think I live in trail riding paradise! And most places do have AC (not my house though!)

    2. I met a girl last night at church named Eva and she said she'd been to California. I asked where and her mind went blank. I said, "Well, LA?" She said, "Um, lots of places, middle State..." I said, "I know, it's OK, California is huge." She was glad I said that: )

  3. What a beautiful ride :D Looking forward to a future Major wizardry lesson dealing with the magic of slow(er) motion. ;D