Thursday, July 25, 2019


follow the yellow (flower) road

water enough for playing

So the endurance ride was June 15. Major got a bit of a break…and it just keeps going. I've fit in a ride or two each week, and we've mostly meandered about. We've explored lake and river, canyon and mountain, rocks and sand, but quietly, without a lot of speed or determination. It's been nice.

river wander

pond pondering

twisty turning

bareback through blackberries


I'm not motivated to plan for another endurance ride this summer/fall. I really did not have "fun" at the endurance ride. Yes, after the fact I was happy we made it through and proud of Major and proud we did it. But I was anxious the whole day before and the first 25 miles were miserable tug-o-war. I love the training rides and other adventures, but if competition is not very fun, why am I doing it? Another thought to ponder.

love the "feels like." Yeah, that's just about right…

thistle is hot too

And this week it finally got really hot (as did everyone else this year, sorry!). But right now a hammock and book are calling me more than the trail. Or a cool kayak adventure! Major does not seem to mind taking a back seat to other adventures this summer.

Yuba river at Lion Head rock

kayak on lake Clementine

garlic fries at the state fair

blackberry season!

But there are a few plans in the works. Tevis is in three weeks. I am sweep riding a section again, and need to coordinate with the other riders to do a pre-ride (a new section for me this year, swinging bridge!). I need to go camping and do more kayaking. And I need to find where I put my iced tea and see if the cat has crawled into the hammock again…

Jack says: I'm not in your chair, YOU were in MY chair…


  1. What a beautiful cat!

    It's the hottest day of the year in Germany today. 41C. I asked J if we could go to the movies to see the new Lion King. He said no, it's too hot. I asked if we could go swimming at our local pool?

    He said, "No, it's too hot to go swimming."

    I had to laugh, "Right. The swimming pool parking lot is so far from the pool, there's probably a line of bodies of people who tried but failed to reach the pool."

    What's weird is how this weather has affected me mentally. I have this shut down mode going on where I do what is minimally required in my life, and then recover in front of my AC, throughout the day. But even sending important emails are impossible right now cuz I'm just too wiped to find the energy for an email.

    Hey, I remmeber Garlic Fries from Safeco field, a baseball stadium in Seattle. I'll never forget them. The trick is to make sure everyone with you is also eating them.: )

    1. Go sit in the pool! I’m going to the lake today. It’s supposed to be 109 on Sunday. While we get that temp every year, it’s still miserable. Enjoy your AC, I don’t have it at home but at least at work I can enjoy it.

      Garlic fries are my #1 fair food. I don’t even care if I eat them alone!

      Don’t melt...

  2. The dead thistle!

    Hey, what do you think about the new show Picard? Is it true the dog's name is Number One?

    1. So excited! The dog is #1, though I’m sure he’ll be left behind for the space adventures (though Scott Bakula’s Captain Archer had Porthos, and of course Data and Spot!)

    2. I'm working through Next Gen with Ani and I've promised her Data will have a cat. She is so excited cuz Data is her favorite.

      Porthos, I need to buy Enterprise.

      In those photos of Major, it looks like you've slicked his mane with conditioner/leave-in oil treatment. Shiny. Jealous.

    3. Enterprise is not my favorite, but it is still Star Trek, so I'll watch it! As for Major's mane, it got brushed once this year when my SO put braids in at the endurance ride. I never do anything with it, it's not the best but it's a good handle!

  3. Replies
    1. If I don't he squeezes in next to me and suddenly the 12 pound cat has more room than the human…

  4. Those fries look freaking amazing. Wow.

    And I totally see the lion head! We have an outcropping called "Lions Head" in Dolly Sods locally. Makes me wonder now how many lion head rocks are around the country?

    And I also agree re: not having fun at the actual endurance competition. My anxiety has been so high at the last couple I've competed at. I've decided I'm giving it one more go with Q at a competition and if we have to struggle through the vettings due to her gait at all, I'm done. Not worth it. We'll become long riders or something else to help keep me motivated to get out for miles upon miles no matter the weather.

    1. I'd love to see your Lion Head! So glad you get it with the endurance. Vetting issues would be so frustrating. I hope it works, but if not, I know you'll find something else fun.

      This time of year, I think especially living here in Auburn, I'm always asked why I'm not doing Tevis. My goodness, If I don't have fun at a 50 how would that go!? Plus so many other reasons (Major would NOT be amused). I hope we both find something that is fun, endurance or otherwise.